Project management

Projects are most successful when the people who develop them understand and are able to assess the needs and problems they have to work on. It is important to properly assess needs or problems. Projects must have a space in which to operate or it must be created. The project should be supported by key people and the target groups should actively participate. Projects need a vision to combine all the activities and efforts to develop strategies, goals and work plans. Entrusting project management to the people responsible for the project, the project manager or the management team allows the Customer to change plans, adapt to unexpected situations, take advantage of new opportunities and, above all, be aware of the reasons for their activities. In this way, they control, lead and manage the project, instead of being led by the project, deadlines and demands from different directions.

By ordering project management from us, the Customer will have:

  • an organizer who is able to understand, plan and coordinate activities and resources to achieve goals;
  • a strategist who is able to set clear long-term and short-term goals, keeping them in mind as well as considering the reasons why the project was started;
  • a motivator whose skills and attitudes allow him/her to involve people/employees in the project and motivate them to be committed to it;
  • a fund seeker who has sufficient knowledge and confidence to apply for management resources and account for them honestly and competently.

Our project management package “Initiative and Planning”: identifying of the problem, defining of the goal.

  • Preparation – team building. Preparation of a detailed plan for the end goal. People and resources/companies are appointed for completing the tasks. Creating a budget. Delegating tasks.
  • Implementation: monitoring the process, solving problems, informing stakeholders about progress. The conditions for project implementation depend on resources.
  • Completion – performance assessment. Follow-up planning. Review of results with stakeholders.


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