Maintenance service

Today, when many new materials are used when executing finishing work on buildings, it is necessary to know different maintenance techniques and with so many different types of cleaning chemicals to choose from it can be difficult to choose the right product, which means that cleaners’ work requires specialization. When the company managers deal with cleaning problems themselves, they must first learn the specifics of cleaning work in their company, spend time finding a good cleaner, getting cleaning and hygiene supplies, tools, etc, dealing with the cleaner as a subordinate; spend money on training the cleaner, etc. to keep up with the times.

By ordering cleaning services from us, you do not need to deal with all these problems. We always ensure that a qualified cleaner performs work at a time convenient for the client, we get cleaning and hygiene supplies, tools, etc. We take care of raising the level of professional skills of our workers.

Interior cleaning

A clean workplace is an important factor in creating a pleasant indoor climate. Our cleaning operators are experts in their field, who keep the clients’ premises clean in an exemplary manner. In addition to the usual out-of-hours cleaning, we are ready to respond quickly to our clients’ calls within a reasonable time.

Providing with hygiene supplies

We take care of the supply of soaps, dispensers, towels, and other hygiene products. As an expert in the field of cleaning, we can recommend the best solutions.

Exterior cleaning

The first impression of a company is given by outer areas. Are the walkways clean and free of snow? Is there an overgrown meadow around the building or is there a pleasantly trimmed hedge or a nice lawn?

Exterior cleaning includes:

Janitorial services; snow removal, keeping streets and paths slip-free; lawn mowing, hedge trimming and other landscaping services; ordering of ice melt products and arranging spring cleaning; washing of sidewalks and car parks; arranging other necessary maintenance work.

Special clean-up works

Special and large-scale cleaning works are all operations which are not covered by interior or exterior cleaning, but which are essential for getting and keeping the building clean, including restoring and maintaining the aesthetic look.

Window washing

Window washing includes cleaning of glass panes, frames, window sills and spaces between glasses from accumulated dust, cobwebs, etc. We recommend washing the windows at least twice a year or more often, depending on the location of the building and the nature of the rooms. Near a busy street, the windows need to be washed every week. Exterior window cleaning can be performed at temperatures up to -1°C. We have a long experience with complex objects. The windows and facades of high-rise buildings are washed by our trained climbers.

Facade washing

When cleaning various facade materials, in addition to hand wash, we also use pressure wash and power wash. Thanks to modern technology and special tools, we clean facades quickly ensuring high quality.

Post-construction clean-up

In the course of major post-construction clean-up, premises shall be cleaned of debris and dust; panes and window frames, lights, walls, equipment shall be washed; floors of different materials shall be cleaned, and covered with a protective agent if necessary. After the major clean-up, the rooms will be ready for use. During the post-repair and post-move clean-up, the premises are cleaned of dust; panes and window frames, lights, walls, furniture are washed; floors of different materials are deep-washed and covered with protective agent if necessary.

Deep cleaning of floors

From time to time, floor surfaces need more efficient mechanical cleaning or machine wash, during which most of the corroded dirt is removed. The need for deep wash usually depends on the type of floor covering and the frequency of its use. We recommend that after machine wash you use wax, a saturant, or oil for a wooden surface, to prevent frequent soiling and facilitate cleaning.

Washing and impregnating of carpets

Carpets are usually cleaned with a common vacuum cleaner, which, however, removes only 60-75% of the dirt formed. In order for the surface to be completely clean, wet cleaning of the carpets must be carried out from time to time (preferably twice a year) to remove any remaining dirt. Wet carpet wash is performed with a special machine that sprays the detergent on the textile and sucks it up. The process is repeated one to three times, depending on the degree of soiling, and after that the surface is rinsed with clean water. If bad stains are previously detected, pre-soak and rinse are performed.

Dry furniture cleaning

Textile upholstery (sofas, office chairs, armchairs, car seats, etc.) is usually cleaned with a common vacuum cleaner, which, however, only removes about 60-75% of the dirt. In order for the surface of the upholstered furniture to be completely clean, from time to time (preferably twice a year), it is necessary to use solvents, which remove the remaining 25-40% of the dirt. If you wish to get products and detergents to remove unexpected small stains, contact us for professional advice.

Our main principles are based on a person’s desire to be successful in their work, to constantly develop and do everything right from the very beginning. When offering solutions, we proceed from the clients’ needs and our company’s vision, values and success factors. Planning and goal setting take place in cooperation with the clients and is based on the data collected for our activities, as well as on the fundamental guidelines related to quality, environmental and safety policy.


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