Administrative service

The provision of all administrative services for apartment buildings takes place in accordance with legislation and is always in the interests of apartment owners. The successful implementation of the administrative service ensures the long-term preservation of the property in the physical, legal and economic sense.

The price depends on the building on the basis of a separate price offer.

Administrative services include:

  • advising the Customer on issues related to the object;
  • checking the primary data of the objects;
  • arranging keeping the maintenance logs for the objects;
  • preparing and holding of the general meeting once a year is included in the price (room rent for a separate fee); 
  • arranging the preparation of maintenance instructions and/or manuals for the objects and their parts (if necessary);
  • arranging physical preservation of the objects;
  • maintenance work – organization of cleaning and janitorial work, groundskeeping, etc;
  • maintenance work – continuous monitoring of the quality of internal and external cleaning; in summer arranging of lawn mowing, and in winter snow removal;
  • organizing tenders for property maintenance services and preparing materials;
  • organization of maintenance of technical systems in buildings;
  • supervising the companies that execute maintenance work on the property;
  • recording of emergency situations revealed during the inspection of the object and taking the necessary measures;
  • organizing small repairs at the client’s request and ensuring their supervision, in accordance with a previously approved budget;
  • signing of documents prepared for the handover and acceptance of maintenance and repair work upon acceptance of the work;
  • arranging periodic maintenance inspections of the objects (electricity, heating and water systems, etc.) in accordance with the contract;
  • forwarding of inspection data to the Customer together with proposals for planning a further action plan;
  • arranging the verification of measuring equipment;
  • submitting of (main) meter readings of the object; collection and transfer of individual meter readings;
  • preparing reports on the work done for the contact persons of the objects at the request of the latter;
  • monitoring development works (construction, reconstruction, renovation, etc.) and making proposals for a separate fee;
  • resolving legal issues of the objects or forwarding the issues to the Customer when it is impossible to resolve the issue;
  • monitoring the fulfillment of the contracts concluded for property servicing by and on behalf of the owner or manager of the object; acting as a mediator to assist the parties of the contracts towards a settlement in case of disputes and disagreements;
  • management, systematization and preservation of the documentation of the objects;
  • settlement of claims or, if it is impossible to settle a claim, forwarding it to the Customer;
  • introduction of subcontractors’ products, services and price lists to the Customer’s clients;
  • consulting and advising the Customer on the object;
  • organization of economic preservation of the objects;
  • other organizational activities that are provided for as property maintenance activities and good practice and that arise from legislation;
  • other possible one-off organizational activities related to the maintenance and upkeep of the property;
  • storing, systematizing and archiving work-related documents;
  • keeping the Customer informed of any problems arisen during the performance of the works;
  • communication with apartment owners in the Internet communication environment;
  • dealing with debtors on behalf of the Apartment Association to ensure the receipt of payments.


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